Tech Support

Having an issue?  We’re here to help.  If you’re experiencing trouble with registration, event signup, or general browsing, we recommend checking out the following.

1. Make sure your browser is current.

Outdated browsers are often incapable of displaying the modern internet correctly.  This results in errors and a broken viewing experience.  We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best browsing experience.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, make sure it is version 10 or 11.

Regardless of what browser you are using, you should always make sure it’s updated.  If it’s not the most recent version, you are most likely receiving update notifications when you open it up.

2. Are you on a company network?

Browsing CENCUP from a work computer?  Occasionally, company’s networks disable certain functionality on websites for security purposes.  If you are experiencing issues such as a registration not going through, we recommend trying it from a personal internet connection also.

3. If you’re not seeing emails come through

Did you sign up for a profile, only to never see the activation email come through?  It’s possible that it went to your spam folder.  If you’re using Gmail, it’s also possible it went to the “promotional” tab at the top of your inbox.

If it’s still not there, it is possible that you entered the wrong email address.  If that’s the case, don’t worry, we can get that fixed for you.

If that’s the case or if you’re experiencing another issue or if you just spot an error on the site, please send an email to support [at]  This is our ticketing system that will make sure your needs are dealt with, so that you can get out, get connected, and get inspired!

Cancellation Policy

Cancel within 2 weeks or more of the event: 100% return
Cancel within 5 days of the event: 75% return
Cancel within 1-3 business days: 50% return
Cancel less then 1 business day: no refund