Managing Your Profile

Managing Your Profile


New to Cencup?  Welcome!

Now that you have your profile set up, you might be wondering what's next.  If you want, you can start registering for events right away!  But first, it might not be a bad idea to learn a little more about your profile.

Once you're signed in, you can view your profile by either clicking "Profile" on the top menu or going (replace username with your actual username).

Here, you can see your basic info, update your interests, check messages that Cencup has sent out, update your profile picture, and see what events you're going to or have been to.

To Add/Change Your Profile Picture

To either add or update your profile picture, go to the profile page.  Below the picture area, you should see where it says "Activity, Profile, Notifications, etc...".

Click Profile.

Next, click Change Profile Photo.

Here, you can upload a photo from your computer.  Please note that the photo must be smaller than 2mb.  If you're having trouble uploading your photo, it's very likely it's too big.

Checking Events I'm Attending

Want to double check events you're going to?  You can do that on your profile page.  On the profile menu (that's below your profile picture), select Events.  You should then see a line that says "Events I'm Attending".

Underneath that, you'll see a list of the events you're scheduled for.

Want More?

Very soon, we'll be rolling out our full Cencup memberships.  Becoming a Cencup member will give you access to special events, discounted rates, a resource section, and special profile capabilities.

Keep a look out for more information!