Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cencup mean?

Cencup is a social media website designed to bring like-minded couples together in a platonic, social manner, offering events and adventures, connecting online, to connect offline.  Cencup is an acronym, the meaning comes from the first demographic we tested this concept with.  If you really want to know, ask when you see us next!

Although once catered to one life transition, per market demand, we have evolved and expanded to active adult couples, seeking fun social outings to connect with other like minded couples in a healthy environments.

As life transitions sets in, such as relocation’s, becoming empty testers, job changes, or even getting married, or re-married, couples find themselves in a unique situation. Including but not limited to more free time, a sense of a new identity, a readiness to establish a new community of friends, and desire to get out and create new experiences together.

Our Mission is to create a social community of active adult couples, fostering new meaningful connections in fun and healthy social environments, while experiencing a fun date!!  

Today’s definition of connectedness is the # of FB friend, # of likes, tweets and blogs one has – Cencup is inspired to change this level of dysfunctional connection by creating new healthy ways to connect.

Get Out, Get Connected, Get Inspired.

We believe staying active and engaged in connecting with others keeps couples balanced and thriving through any life transition.

How do I join an Event?

Simply create a free profile here, and then start signing up for events here.


What do Cencup services consist of and when will they be available?

Subscription and registering for events is available now, simply join in by creating a profile.  Creating a profile simply lets us know the types of social outings and events you are interested in.

Cencup membership services will officially go live in 2016

Membership services include:

    • Reduced event fees
    • Exclusive access to a full social calendar listing a range of social events and adventures
    • Exclusive invitations to large social events; 2-3 year
    • Smaller settings offering unique social opportunities
    • Monthly Birthday Bash – celebrate with others who have the same birthday month
    • Ability to easily and quickly communicate with others to arrange your own Cencup gatherings
      • Instant messaging with other members
    • Access to life resources and seminars focused on being intentional about what this life stage has to offer.
      • Identify ‘what’s next’ and rediscover your purpose or legacy.
      • Marriage enrichment resources
      • Travel resources

Take a few minutes to create a profile, and we will let you know when membership becomes active.

Why would we subscribe and Create a Profile?

Creating a profile simply tells us the kinds of social outings and adventures you like, and then allows us to let you know when they are happening.   Have an idea for a social outing, email

Get Out –  Consider your social calendar taken care of;

  • Planned dates! Unique social events and adventures arranged for you
  • Change up the date night routine, and join in on new, cool social outings
    • have an introverted spouse, that’s ok, there is something for everyone and your both guaranteed to have fun
    • We make it easy and comfortable to connect
  • Notification of events based on your interest areas
  • Easy event registration

Get Connected –

    • An easy, and accelerated way to connect with fun, like-minded couples in a similar life stage based on common interest
    • Attend events knowing it will be with others in this similar demographic

According to researchers at Brigham Young University, having too few friends is the equivalent mortality risk to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is riskier than obesity.

Get Inspired –

    • To live an active and well balanced life style
    • Strengthening your marriage is a known by product of socializing as a couple.
      • Re-ignite your passions collectively and grow through each life stage together.
    • Laughter, connecting with others and being active is life’s best medicine
      • Research claims you live a healthier, longer life as a result

Do we need to say more – just give it a try!  Creating a Profile is Free!

What if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your password, don’t worry!  You can easily reset your password by going to the homepage of the website.  In the login box, you should see a line of text that says “Lost Your Password?”.

Click that and you’ll be asked to enter either your Username or primary email address. Please note that the primary email is whichever email address you have entered first on your account (it should be where you received your initial Cencup activation email at).

Once you submit that, a new password will be sent to your primary email.  If you have issues with that, please email support [at] and we can reset your password manually.

How Can I Add a Profile Picture?

Adding a profile picture to your Cencup account is a great idea.   To do so, log in.  Once you’ve logged in, click “Profile” on the top menu.  This will bring you to your profile page.

Here, click where it says “Change Profile Photo”.  From there, you can upload your own photo.  Please note that your photo must be 2mb or smaller.

If you’re having trouble uploading a picture, please try a smaller one.

What inspired Cencup?

In summary, we too were faced with a life transition, dropping our son off at college. Faced with the same excitements, challenges, and unknowns as most, and the reality that life as we once knew it, was about to change, and so our community of friends.

It is through this transition we were inspired to connect with others, and join a social community, offering fun opportunities to remain active –  when we quickly learned some interesting facts experienced by many:

    • We lack resources specific to this demographic
    • There are minimal ways to connect with other couples through a healthy social means
    • We enjoy getting out, creating new experiences and enjoy experiencing it with others.
    • We are concerned about the decline in community and social connectedness.  Our society has become dysfunctionally connected

The number one common factor in happiness, dealing with depression, life stressors, positive well being, finding purpose, satisfaction, and fulfilling one of our most basic psychological needs is to relate and connect with others!

With that – we were inspired to make a change.

We aspire to be the go to place for active adult couples that desire an active lifestyle seeking different social outings and life resources.

We Believe Life is Meant to Be Lived Together

So Let’s Cencup!

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Cancel within 2 weeks or more of the event: 100% return
Cancel within 5 days of the event: 75% return
Cancel within 1-3 business days: 50% return
Cancel less then 1 business day: no refund


We look forward to meeting you at many future events

– Eric and Jackie

Have a question?  Contact us at