LazyTap Sunset Cruise on Lake Minnetonka

LazyTap Sunset Cruise on Lake Minnetonka

This is for that couple that enjoys cruising around the lake on a hot summer night, drink in hand, enjoying the rays of the sun, and in this case, maybe even catch a sunset.  Our private reserved LazyTap will take us on a 3 hour LazyTap tour with apps and drinks readily available on board. The LazyTap is a custom 30 foot pontoon boat that has NO paddles on it.  The boat is equipped with music, lights, bar in the middle and comfy/cozy pontoon seats all around.  This boat does have an upper deck as well, an awesome spiral staircase takes you to the upper level, including a full bathroom on board when in need.  Could there be a better way to spend a summer evening with good company?!

Price:  Early Bird $89 per couple   (this is a steal considering a public tour is $59 per person and does not include food / drinks, where our does)   After 7/14 $99 per

Price Includes: 3 hour tour on Lake Minnetonka’s latest addition, the LazyTap, including appetizers and drinks

This event is limited to 11 couples, so reserve your spot now.

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Bookings are closed for this event.