Lock and Key + St Patrick’s Day Dinner fun!

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About this event:

Created by John

USD 59.00

Can you escape? (This event SOLD OUT last time! Register early!)


You and your group will be put into an escape room with one mission: get out! To do so, you’ll need to work together to solve a series of different clues, puzzles and mysteries before your time is up. When you enter a room at Lock and Key Escape, you’ll be transported to a new world. You will have one hour to live inside a story as it unfolds around you. Forget the outside world and your to-do list, and let yourself be immersed in the story while solving puzzles with a few friends.

Lock and Key Escape combines storytelling and puzzles to put you at the center of a real-life escape game adventure. As the heroes of the story, you’ll have 60 minutes to stretch your mind to get out before the time is up. These escape room experiences are great for double dates, corporate team building, birthday parties or just something different.

Price: $69 per couple

Price Includes: An unforgettable live action Escape room experience. We have 1 hour to solve the mystery and get out of the room before we are left undiscovered and time runs out.

We will conclude the evening with Dinner (Dutch) and some early St Patrick’s day fun! Make sure to wear your GREEN, you never know, there may be prizes!



Register with ONE ticket per couple