Couples Cooking Class + Game Night

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About this event:

Created by John

If you’re a busy couple looking for easy healthy recipes and would enjoy learning hands on how to make in the comfort of other fun couples, join us for an evening of learning while having fun over a glass of your choice.  This class will feature some basic nutritional knowledge, easy to remember facts to take home with you, and healthy recipes. Expect a night of laughs, a bit of badgering, the development of a new cooking skills and maybe a new-found love of healthy cooking!!   After the meals are prepared and enjoyed, we will end the evening with some fun games and casual socializing.

Our chef Lesley Fahey has over 20 years of food preparation experience and is considered a health expert.  Lesley says “ I love creating amazing food.  I love going to people houses and creating meals from the contents of their cupboards!  It’s really fun to show people how much you can do with just a few ingredients.”  Lesley will teach us how to prepare healthy meals that are not only simple and practical but cost effective.

Price Includes:  A meal for two, each couple will build your meal together, facilitated by Chef Lesley Fahey. You will prepare one meal of choice, learn how to prepare two meals and walk away with 4 healthy recipes.    In addition price includes prepared appetizers, and candle light dinner with drinks of choice. (soft drink, wine or beer).

Meal choices include:

  • Asian Chicken Delight (gluten and dairy free)
  • Grape Chicken Salad (contains dairy)

Price:  $50 per couple

After Feb. 11th:  $60per couple