Welcome to 3F Date Blog!

Welcome to the 3F Blog where you will find suggestions for fun dates, putting the fun into couples dates to Find your Fun Factor (3F).

We don’t claim to have all the answers, in fact, we too need suggestions to continually uncover the fun factor, so for this blog to work, we need your ideas, we need a community ideas.  So go ahead post your ideas and suggestions in the comment area, and vote, which of the post are your most favorite.

No idea is a bad idea if an element of fun is included, so join me in blogging about those fun dates, and share your experiences, of course keeping it clean and positive!  If you have a negative experience, this is not the place to post it.

Dr. Stuart, author of ‘Play’, says a differentiating factor for a strong relationship is a playful relationship.  The more you get out and play, the stronger the relationship. “Without play skills, the repertoire to deal with inevitable stresses is narrowed….without playfulness there will be insufficient vitality left over to keep the relationship buoyant and satisfying.”

So you ask, How does this support the concept of Cencup?  In our opinion some things are more fun with a group, such as many of the social events we’ve hosted,  and there is value in having your own date experiences. In effort to reduce the mundane and increase the fun factor, we are simply offering fun suggestions to change up your date routine to experience the enrichment of fun in your own way, on your own time.

When your up for a group experience, look to Cencup, and  just sign up and show up, all the planning is done, until then, share your ideas!